Friday, April 24, 2009

He's Got His Made

Don Samuelson
1934 - 2009
My wonderful father-in-law passed away last night, after 12 days in MICU, following a sudden onset of pneumonia and many subsequent problems that attached themselves to the pneumonia.

I am so thankful that he found his way back, and lived a joyful life in Christ, for the last 2 1/2 years of his life. My husband had the privilege of being his pastor for that timeframe.

Dad was one of the most giving persons I have ever met. He lived on a fixed income, as so many seniors do, and was unable to give financially to the Lord, to the measure he wanted. Instead of saying that he wished he could, but he just didn't have any money, he actively looked for ways to get money that he could give to God. He loved antiques, and in years past, bought, refinished and sold antiques and collectibles. He decided, at 74 years of age, to once again open a shop so he could give the proceeds of that into the Kingdom. Then he decided to forge into technology and advertise on E-bay and Craigs List. He was such a beautiful inspiration of a giving heart.

We will miss him so much, but of course, we know, he is in a much better place. He gets to worship Jesus, face to face, now. He no longer sees through a glass, darkly.... all is clear and brilliant in the light of Jesus Christ. He gets to sing and make music that is more beautiful than he ever imagined. He gets to see loved ones, like Mom, who are already there... what a joyous reunion! He is totally at peace and rest in the amazing presence of his Heavenly Father.

And one day, because of the hope we have in Jesus, and in His resurrection, we know that we shall see him again, when we join him in Heaven.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thing 2's 13th birthday pics

Did she snap the picture mid-blink or is
the birthday boy bored with the singing?
Seems to be very animated at blowing out the candles
Wonder who he gets that from??


Marshall - Mr. Entertainer of the Year


Gift time

Scrunched up limo ride

Patrick is afraid I will 'steal his soul'
if I take his picture
... yeah ...

Playstation 3 in here, Wii Guitar Hero in other room