Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas

What a wonderful, beautiful Christmas we had! On Christmas Eve, it began to snow. Although it stopped snowing that evening, the temperature was so cold that we still had snow on Christmas day... and then I left it to drive an hour and a half south where there was no snow!!

The three of us opened presents on Christmas morning, and tried to give the sun a little time to do its magic on the roads of snow and ice. We left a couple of hours later than planned, but we never had to drive on a slick road.

We had a wonderful day at my daughter's and son-in-law's home in Forney. She had her home decorated beautifully, but did I take a camera? Nooooo. Nevertheless, good food, laughter, love... perfect.

Another blessing this year was that several families from our church had the opportunity to become very personally involved in the lives of a family in need. It was so special to see the way that everyone rallied to help get this family into a home and to provide as much of the necessities for living, as we could gather from our own homes. It wasn't a lot of money exchanging hands; it was people giving of their time, their pantry, their supplies. And the true specialness of this is that it isn't just a Christmas charity... our wonderful church family will continue to lift up and encourage this family until they can get on their feet again.

Although it was personally a leaner year than we've experienced in a long time, once again, we have had a very blessed and merry Christmas.

Thank you, Jesus!

Hope your family has been as blessed as ours ~