Monday, August 24, 2009

Mrs. ABC

Mrs. Clemens' 7th grade class


Texas Battleship and San Jacinto Monument Museum

I thought these old sewing tools looked interesting

Directions and example pieces for an old fashioned hexagonal quilt.
(double click on picture to enlarge for reading)

On the Battleship
(Double click on picture to enlarge, to read writing)

The bakery

Coca Cola - the real thing
A coca cola dispenser in the galley....
this is the real reason this battleship was so successful !!


Sunday, August 23, 2009


A little Star Wars at NASA

C3PO (???)



Happy Birthday To Me

A volcano cake at The Rainforest Cafe for my birthday. Quite delish!

FYI - I am not in any of the pictures : )


Galveston Island

Some of my flower pictures from the Aviary
in Moody Gardens

The ferris wheel at the Kemah Boardwalk

Isn't this cool? It's not a seahorse... it's a sea dragon!!
The Aquarium - Moody Gardens

Dad and son at the aquarium at Moody Gardens


My Guys - Galveston Island

I have some really good looking men in my life.

My son, Thing 2, is 13 yrs and 3 months in these pictures. He's almost as tall as his dad.

OOOps.... beach hair!!


The Ocean Star

Thing 2, on the oil rig, the Ocean Star.

This is one link in the anchor chain.... WOW!!