Saturday, March 28, 2009

For My Country

Recently, I was awakened to patriotic action.

For a lot of years, I have been content to sit silently, feeling a disconnect from my country's government. Even my voting was more reactionary - more to keep someone else from being elected than for really standing solidly behind a candidate and helping elect him to office.

I figured it just really didn't matter, anyway. Government was the way it was and I, certainly, wasn't going to be able to change it. Already, many issues in the current administration bothered me more than in any prior administration, but what could I do?

Then, I began watching Glen Beck's show, which my husband would tape, during the day. The common sense and commitment to values and principles that he espoused really resonated with me. While politics, per se, had never really interested me, promoting America's return to the same principles and values to which our founding fathers were committed did grab my attention.

I'm excited about joining the 9-12 project and promoting values and principles in America. About taking action to hold my elected officials and representatives accountable, for not just the voice of their constituents, but the Constitution itself. Part of that action is to become involved with local TEA parties, to send a loud shout to Washington that we want our representatives to rightly represent us!

In the coming days, I'll post information about my foray into keeping politics honest.

...Perhaps my newfound active patriotism has made me too optimistic? LOL!


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Debra said...

YES YES YES YES YES !!!!!!! Hope you have a great day, my friend and a blessed Easter!