Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here's to Health!

Recently, due to uncomfortable health issues, I decided to re-think my eating habits. The first staple I gave up was the acid and caffeine combination of Coca-Cola Classic

..followed by tea

...and hot chocolate.

Now, for those who don't know, I kept Coke in business
. I have reps who are calling me, begging me to purchase coke again, or if not coke, then to at least get addicted to another Coke product!

If you are in caffeine withdrawal, EAT FRUIT in the mornings. I have used this technique in past efforts and it is amazing how much that cuts down on the no-caffeine headaches.

In additio
n to the removal of these beverages from my lips, I am adhering to a modified 'Fit for Life' philosophy of eating.

Basically, this means anything that is not a f
resh or frozen fruit or vegetable is a 'complex' food. You only have ONE complex food with any meal. It's that simple.

Simple? For a woman raised in Texas, whose favorite type of food is southern, that's a b
it hard to swallow! That means no gravies, no to most sauces, no casseroles, no batters, no good ol' southern breakfasts, no Italian, no Mexican, no beans and cornbread.... well that's not an issue, because I never ate that anyway... but you get the picture.

Oh, yeah. One more thing that's not in the Fit for Life philosphy: Dairy products

Let's take a look at the foods that would be classified as 'dairy':

Milk, BUTTER, sour cream, yogurt, cheeses.... ALL cheeses.

No dairy.

y, I used the Fit for Life plan, years ago, and I know how phenomenal I feel when I eat that well I rest.... how much weight I can lose.

In all m
y years of being overweight, I never had a real desire or will power to diet. I refused to try weight-loss pills or do the fad diets. I always said that if I ever lost weight, I'd do it the 'right' way, by eating healthily. Actually, it's almost amusing how easy it has become to surrender my desired way of eating, now that ingesting those foods causes me extreme physical discomfort, even pain.

So, planning on a healthier, happier, pain-free me... Here's to health!


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