Tuesday, January 13, 2009

May I Introduce You?

I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine - Debbie at Beulah Land Homestead. Debbie, and her husband John, are homesteaders and have been involved in many different phases of homesteading and farming.

Recently, she began to update their website into a very informal, newsy ... blog style... website. I really liked the new format, but I kept encouraging (ok...ok.. so I PUSHED) her to start a blogsite so people could comment on her posts. I really like her warm and simple style of writing. She really reminds me of the Simple Woman blog - of whom, I am a fan. Anyway, she's finally, started her own blog called Farmer Woman.

Please take time to make a new acquaintance... stop by her new blog at http://www.blog.beulahland.com/ and say 'hi' to her.

Also, visit her website at http://www.beulahland.com/ read about their wonderful homestead and all the great classes and instruction they offer... be sure to read her 'Dribbles' - some of her older writings.


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Debbie Burns said...

Thank you, Barb, for mentioning our website and blog! I look forward to meeting like minded people as a result of your post .... even if there's no connection to homesteading, the love of God ties us all together.