Monday, January 26, 2009

Poor Kitty!

My poor cat, Allegra! He's had such a rough time.

Our next door neighbors have apparently had problems with something tunneling under their foundation (probably the same possum that ate the entire bag of Allegra's dry food), so they had the city come out and set out cages to trap whatever it was.

Unfortunately, they trapped Allegra.

When we got home, we heard the most horrific meowing in the bushes between our houses. My son went over to investigate and discovered that our cat had ended up in the cage. It took my husband and son several minutes to finally set him free (It seems that cats and possums must like the same food : )

When they finally got him out, he shot over to me, with his ears back and eyes narrowed... his heart was just about to beat out of his chest. I have no idea how long he may have been trapped because we had been gone several hours.

I think the possum may be smarter than my cat, because he still hasn't checked out that cage, yet.



Edie said...

Aww, I'm so sorry for your poor cat. Glad he's safe.

That possum is probably playing dead somewhere.

My ADHD Me said...

I just read your previous post and I love it. What a fun idea. I might try to do something like that. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The possum is playing dead until Allegra gets caught...THEN its laughing at him, saying, "Ha! They caught you!!!!"

Barb said...

Well, if that's the case, my statement definitely holds true... the possum is smarter than the cat : )

Debbie said...

The trap shouldn't be set til night time and Allegra will need to be kept in while the trap is set. The 'possum is a night time animal and won't be prowling during the day. Might try corn instead of any meat/cat food the trapper used as bait. I doubt Allegra will go after corn - I mean dried chicken feed corn, not corn from a can!!

Jewel said...

Poor Allegra! Her kitty curiosity got the best of her again, it seems, hm? *smile* She looks like she could be related to the kitty of our house!

Chatty Kelly said...

poor kitty.

Leah said...

Being the pharmacist that I am, I loved that you named your cat after a drug!! I had two cats for 16 years, both named after drugs that I did some of the original research on early in my career. Elocon and Temovate--Ellie and Temi for short.


Barb said...

My husband worked in pharmacy for 20 years!! He and my daughter both have allergies and used Allega so it seemed perfect, since it was a long-haired cat - almost certain to contribute to their allergies.