Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is Obama Staging an Education Take-Over Now?

On September 8, 2009, at 12:00 pm (EST), President Obama is once again, creating an historical

'Kodak' moment for us. He will broadcast a live national address to our children, via the internet, while they are in their classrooms.

Do you know what the President will say to your children? Do you know what the teachers are supposed to ask the children before, during and after the presentation, to help President Obama achieve his goal of this address?

If we find out, after the fact, that the President only talked to the kids about doing their best at attending school, studying, test taking... things we parents do every day... that it was not politically driven at all, will we then deem it a harmless program?

I think not.

Since everything this president has touched has collapsed, unravelled or been vigorously and systematically torn apart and ridiculed (by him), it makes me wonder if this seemingly innocent endeavor is truly part of a much more insidious plan.

  • Gradually introducing his use of the internet as a national media choice (aren't we hearing that he is trying to get together a plan to allow him to take over the internet... "for emergency measures" ?).
  • Becoming a familiar, friendly, helpful face and voice to impressionable youth (getting them used to him and his ideas, to help in their future indoctrination into the Civilian Security Force?).
  • Slowly, carefully insinuating himself into the educational system that hosts our children for 7+ hours each day (and hasn't every 'system' that he has touched ended up destroyed when he walked away from it?).
No. If this president has his hand stirring in the pot, I find it suspicious, at best; downright sinister, in its probable actuality.



Edie said...

Oh girl you said it. He has a very insidious agenda. We must do what we can do but more importantly we need to pray and remember that no matter what happens, God really is in control. No matter what happens.

My ADHD Me said...

I heard about this just yesterday!

Can Not Believe It! (yes, I can).
I've already called the schools in our area to find out more.
They will definitely not be airing it on the 8th but will be recording it for probable airing soon afterwards. They will send home a note before they do. At least by then, it will most likely be on You Tube for us to watch first.

Hey, if he wants to say to our kids, "You live in a great country. Do your best. Times are hard. Don't give up. Study hard, etc" then that is fine.....somehow I am skeptical that he will be only saying that.

We've talked to every school in our district and have found out that they are getting ALOT of angry calls about this.

I'm thinking that the day they air it might just be a good day to give my son a personal day off from school.

One of our county's biggest lures to home buyers is our schools. I am quite sure they don't want to do this. Unfortunately, it is coming from the "higher-ups".

If makes me picture concentration and POW camps when they blast propaganda over loudspeakers 24/7.

Anyway, after I find out more, would you mind if I quote and or link to this post?

Thanks. very informative!

My ADHD Me said...

I just went back and re-read what you wrote. you're right. Even just saying the things I mentioned in my prior comment could be dangerous...considering the source.

A dangerous man.

I suppose his people will be finding I wrote this and lock me up in an interogation room...jk....kind of.

Barb said...

ADHD - feel free to link. As you referenced in your first comment, another one of my concerns is if, because of all of the hoopla, schools decide to tape it and then show it later, when parents don't know its about to happen.