Thursday, November 20, 2008

29 Years of Life, Laughter and Love

My wonderful husband planned a surprise getaway to the beautiful Brendan Manor Bed & Breakfast, for our 29th anniversary, this weekend.

He ended up having to tell me about it, but that's okay
- I'm still excited and savoring the special time.

We'll be staying in the Sarah Ellen suite, complete with fireplace, tv and huge jet tub. And they provide the most luxurious, wonderful robes - ever!

Thing 1

will take care of

Thing 2

... and there, you have all the makings for a very special, romantic anniversary weekend - the perfect way to celebrate 29 years of life, laughter and love!



Debra said...

Oh Barb,

It looks lovely! I hope you have a blessed weekend away!

((hugs)) to you and Happy Anniversay!!

Edie said...

Oh Barb it looks fantastic! Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful time!

Also wanted to say I'm sorry for leaving that out of my last comment. I got so into the joke you played on Thing 1 that I forgot about the topic! Ooops! Oh dear. :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the way you depicted the entire weekend with pictures. And I love the way you have the picture of me laughing hysterically and then you said... ", laughter and love!" :o) Great. Just great!!!

Barb said...

I like the way you always leave the little smiley face with eyes, a wide-open mouth and a chin... always reminds me of you with your mouth WIDE open, laughing :o)

Talk to you tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

NO NO MOM! Its eyes a NOSE and a grin/MOUTH! Funny how people see different things though huh?! :(eyes)O(nose))(mouth) see?!... :o)

Barb said...

I stand firm on MY opinion... for YOU, it's eyes, big open mouth and chin. If that's a nose, it needs some serious cosmetic surgery!!