Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

Phew! I had a busy, but productive and enjoyable weekend.

Friday night was our church's Harvest of Blessings
Festival. We arrived about 4:30 to begin the kitchen set up and to finalize details and left about 10:00, after totally clearing out the sanctuary.

Saturday was going to be a housecleaning day for me, but my husband called around 10:15 and asked me to join him at the church, where he was putting all of the instruments and sound back in order, after it all having been removed to make room for Friday night's fun. Sure.. a couple of hours? - no problem.

Once we got there, he decided to undo every wire
that had ever been hooked up and totally revamp the wiring. Then he decided he wanted the platform arranged differently. Then he decided to change the layout of our seating; we use interlocking chairs, so it's fairly easy to change up things. Now, I'm not really fussing about it, because they were all excellent decisions - but it didn't equal a couple of hours.

During some part of all of this, one of the guitarists came in to help, so I ended up vacuuming while there were no chairs in the way, and doing
a few other cleaning projects. We left a little after 5:00. It's been a while since I've spent most of Saturday working at the church. It was tiring, but felt good.

However, I had not cleaned at home, yet, and still had some shopping to do for Sunday dinner. So, after dropping off my husband and son, at the church again, for a 6:30 Youth service, I did a grocery run. I went home and began cleaning and preparin
g for my daughter's birthday meal.

I decided to do a special dinner and brought out so
me of my china, silver and antique glass serving pieces. I chose to use my mother-in-law's wedding china, Swirling Leaves, which I loved from the moment I laid eyes on it around 29 years ago.

She passed away a little over 2 years ago, so it was very special getting to make a beautiful table presentation with it. I love the simplicity and warmth of the place setting directly on the dark wood of the table. I wish I had taken a picture after the table was set and ready to serve. Hindsight, you know...sigh

The only bad part about using the 'good' stuff is that everything I used had to be washed by hand. Every dish, every bowl, every piece of silverware. Still, it was very rewarding as I washed each beautiful piece, to know that I was able to create a lovely birthday celebration for my equally lovely daughter.

It was a busy weekend, rather than a relaxing one, but it still was a good weekend.



Anonymous said...

It was a very beautiful dinner and absolutely tasty as well! Thanks for everything...the little German Chocolate "cake-bites" as Colt calls them were WONDERFUL! He has already had another one tonight.

Love you!
Thing 1

Barb said...

You learned how to do the anonymous thing!! Go Thing 1!!
Love ya, too!

(oh-oh... that kinda destroyed your anonymity, huh? )

Anonymous said...

Well, I think me signing as Thing 1destroyed it....but, no, you did not help the situation! :o)

Edie said...

Glad to meet Thing 1 who still remains pretty anonymous. lol.

Oooo you had German Chocolate! Mmmmm that's my favorite!