Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some of the fun from our Harvest of Blessings Festival

I decorated the foyer. There is a scarecrow and bunch of
little blackbirds, haystacks and leaves in the
window sill

I manned the Pin the Hat on the Scarecrow game

A slightly older than normal participant
having to perform the 'scarecrow dance'
I created in order to disorient the players.
(Mhuahahahahaha, as myadhdme likes to say)

One older kid (not pictured) knew exactly
how to do could see it in his eyes...
he saw the velcro... he was gonna cheat.
So, while we were 'doing the dance',
I just moved him out ever so slightly to a different area
so that he ended up pinning the hat on the doors
you see in the above picture.

His parents loved it!

The little cheerleader in the back thinks I look like
her Mimi. She attended last year and said the very same thing.
So I told her I didn't have any grandkids yet
and that she could call me Mimi if she wanted to.
( I have a son only about 5 years older than her!) LOL!

It was a great night. We are seeing repeat visitors from different
outreaches and we're being able to connect with some of them
in other ways and times.

God is good!


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Truth4thejourney said...

Looks like you all had so much fun! I love your new blog design. You and Edie did a great job!!