Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A 'Punkin'

h, we have just had so much fun!

My husband planned a surprise getaway for next weekend, to a special Bed & Breakfast, for our 29th anniversary. He secretly made arrangements with our daughter and her husband to come pick up our 12 yr old son on Friday, after school, and keep him through Monday, making arrangements with the school to get his work ahead of time. He asked someone to take the service for Sunday. He planned to call my boss and let him know I would miss work on Monday. It was all lined up, and I knew nothing.

Unfortunately, because of a special Christmas event we are planning, and because I was making plans with several different people for Friday and Saturday, he ended up having to tell me about his plans this past Sunday evening.

He decided we could have a lot of fun with with Thing 1 (our daughter), who didn't know that he had spilled the beans to me.

So... I called Thing 1 and told her that I had won a special bonus at work and with that windfall, I had managed to get a coveted cabin in Jefferson (oh... I was so excited as I 'shared' with her, my sneaky little plan to whisk away my husband on a special anniversary weekend ... all without his knowledge).

I asked my daughter if she could come get Thing 2 (our son) on Friday and I let her know that we'd have to come back on Sunday, so we'd be by to pick him up on Sunday evening. I so gleefully shared with her that I had arranged for someone to take the service on Sunday, in my husband's place. Getting totally into the part, my voice absolutely vibrated with the sheer, heady excitement of a successfully planned secret that only she and I knew about!! LOL!!

ith hesitancy, and a slightly stunned sound in her voice, she asked a few questions... "so.. umm... you're not going to tell him at all about this?.." I assured her that he needed very little at the cabin and I would pack for him and that I just wanted it to be a total surprise for him.

I quickly got off the phone with Thing 1, as my husband, son and I all went into gales of laughter.

A few minutes later my husband called my daughter, only to have her say she'd have to call him back because she was on the phone with Nana (my mother), in Arkansas.

About 30 minutes later, my phone rang. An unnaturally cheerful Thing 1 said "Hi" and asked if I could talk. She proceeded to tell me that she had been busy when I called earlier and had only listened with half an ear, so she just wanted to clarify a few details of my plan (ladies - my heart just sank; where on earth has she learned to lie like this? lol! ) . After briefly going over my 'plan' again, I told her that her dad was wanting to talk to her.

He got on the phone and told her that she'd been punked! She was so relieved! She had called some of our best friends, to ask advice, but had to leave a message. Then she called my mother who was horrified at the predicament, and more than willing to leave it squarely in Thing 1's lap. They did finally decide that since my husband always makes plans and takes the family places, and I never do, that Thing 1 would tell him that he would have to cancel his plans - - and then she planned to hang up the phone and not answer it again. Thing 1 also strictly ordered Nana to 'know nothing about anything' just in case I called to let her in on my exciting plans.

After finishing up discussing and laughing about all the confusion, horror and dread she had experienced, (
she said one of her biggest points of confusion was how on earth I had managed to get the cabin - it's always reserved... and I just called and got it?) she suggested that, just for fun, I go ahead and call my mother to 'share' my special getaway plans with her ... just to get to watch her spit and sputter her way out of knowing anything!

Yep... I think Thing 1 may be a chip off the old block!




Anonymous said...

Ummm...unfortunately it was not a lie. I was busy. I was not completely sure what it was that you said, and before I said ANYTHING to dad, I needed to make sure I had EVERYTHING right! By the way, I am thing 1...your son is thing 2. It was funny...but that sound of horror, or whatever you called it, that was in my voice is COMPLETELY TRUTHFUL! I was so nervous about what I should do about this that I was shaking. Mom, I was shaking like I did on April 4th!!! It was terrible and I am taking back the Christmas gifts! But with that said, Dad told me,"ditto." So I guess we will just sit around, eat, stare at each other and practice our villainous "MUAHahahahahahahah"!!! WooHoo...what a season!


Barb said...

Thing 1 and 2 duly noted and corrected.

I know you were... it was great!

Jewel said...
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Edie said...

LOL! How cruel. :)

Debra said...


I'm laughing so hard right now...I wish I could have seen all of your faces!!

((hugs)) to you!!